Capitol Corridor Trip January 1992

by Dave Schultheis

Here's a report of a trip from San Jose to Sacramento and return aboard the Capitol Corridor train. This report was adapted from an account sent out on amateur packet radio shortly after the trip.
On Sunday, January 19 at 6:35 a.m., AMTRAK train number 721 left "on the advertised," from San Jose Depot (Track One) with Steve KC6WCH, Ed KM6CG and Dave WB6KHP on board. We arrived in SAC at 9:52 a.m. (just a few minutes early).

The tickets cost $24; that's $23 for the SJC-SAC trip and $1 for the return. This offer is good on the Capitol Corridor route until April 9th. All you have to do is show up at the depot after 6:10 a.m., when the window opens, hand over the cash or credit card, and you're on your way.

We visited the Capitol Building and saw the Assembly Chamber, several historic offices, etc., the Capitol grounds, the Governor and Lt. Governor's offices, rode on the Metro (bus and light rail) and then returned to the depot.

The return trip (leave SAC at 5:05 p.m.) was marred by a slight delay due to The Zephyr having hit a pickup truck and some trains were delayed and we lost about 20 minutes due to a "slow order" in the area of the crash. But we got back to San Jose at 9:02 p.m., just 29 minutes late.

The ride was pleasant and comfortable (except for all the little children on one segment). There is no smoking on the train except in the first car, so it was not stuffy at all. The dinette car has sandwiches and snacks, cold sodas and cold beer, playing cards and souvenir AMTRAK blankets for sale.

Although I have not been authorized to speak for Steve or Ed, I think they will agree that we had a very good time and would recommend this trip for anybody who wants to ride the rails to SAC to visit friends or relatives, or the California State RR Museum, or Old Sacramento, or whatever.

73 Dave SK

"I concur with your account and comments regarding Amtrak's Capitol Corridor service." 73 de Steve KC6WCH
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