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Date: Sunday evening 7/14
From: Dave Schultheis
To: feedback@hoopsnation.com

Hi Chris and the guys,

I just watched your feature on KNTV-11, San Jose's ABC outlet. I imagine you're in a motel somewhere, having just watched the feature (finally!) after such a long time.

Anyway, I was sitting at the computer and saw the video of the van with your web page address painted on the side, so I connected immediately as I watched the rest of the piece.

Good Work! Good Luck! Much success in your efforts, both on the court and on the keyboard.


PLEASE REPLY TO: dave@iguanabbs.com
Dave Schultheis, San Jose, Silicon Valley, California

From: BallardsPL@aol.com
To: Dave Schultheis


Thanks for the encouragement. We actually managed to watch the feature in Snowville, Utah at the house of a nice old lady who let us in to use her satellite dish (the mountains rule out tv reception in Snowville). Keep checking in, and give us any advice you can about computer stuff (being from Silicon Valley and all).

Hoops Nation

Subject: Hoops Nation - August 11 Deadline!
Date: Tue, 6 Aug 1996 18:28:27 -0500

Please e-mail nominations to: cool@infi.net

The Hoops Nation web site was selected as a "Cool Site of the Day" in June, 1996. The site is now eligible for the "Cool Site of the Year" awards to be handed out by InfiNet, People magazine, and Netscape in October, 1996 in Los Angeles, CA.

We've been asked by InfiNet to lobby the judges and explain why our site should be Cool Site of the Year. See descriptions of awards at bottom of this e-mail. If you could e-mail the judges with a nomination for the Hoops Nation web site it would be greatly appreciated. Official voting is from August 12th - September 20th, so be sure to cast an official vote at (http://cool.infi.net/vote.html).

Something like: "I wish to nominate the Hoops Nation web site (http://www.hoopsnation.com) for Cool Site of the Year, Cool Site Script of the Year, and Cool Web Designer of the Year." (Any additional boasting would also be appreciated).

Thank you.

Hoops Nation


Descriptions of Awards:

Cool Site of the Year
The ultimate award for the ultimate combination of writing, design and coding. The site that takes home this award can lay claim to being the best site on the World Wide Web during the last year. The winner is chosen from five nominations culled by the Cool Site crew from the 365 that have won the award over the past year.

Cool Site Script of the Year
This award is presented to the site that best combines theme, function and writing into an enjoyable, understandable experience. The winner is chosen from five nominations culled by the Cool Site crew from the 365 that have won the award over the past year.

Cool Web Designer of the Year
What single person boasts the best site designing skills in the new Web medium? The winner is chosen from five nominations chosen by the Cool Site crew.

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