Dave's WVARA Net Control Guidelines

Note: If you keep a running total of check-ins on scratch paper, it will make for a smoother presentation of the "number of check-ins" at the end of the net. Also: you can save yourself some extra work by logging, and acknowledging, only the callsign suffixes.
                  West Valley Amateur Radio Association
                          Net Control Guidelines

[ begin ]
Good evening, this is (name), (callsign), Net Control this evening for
the West Valley Amateur Radio Association Net on W6PIY repeaters.  This
net may be broken at any time for Emergency or Priority traffic.  Is
there any such traffic? (pause)
This net meets each Tuesday evening at 2030 hours local time on the
W6PIY repeaters, on 147.39 MHz, plus 600 KHz and on 223.96 MHz, minus
1.6 MHz.  Sometimes the repeaters are guarded with continuous tone-coded
squelch.  [Optional: The 2 meter PL is 151.4 and the 220 PL is 156.7 Hz.]
The repeaters are co-located at Good Samaritan Hospital in San Jose, CA.
Visitors and Guests are welcome to check into our net, and we will call
on you in a few minutes. (pause)  We begin with Officer and Committee
Reports.  (Call on President, Vice President, Heterodyne Editor, Net Manager,
Special Interest Group coorinators [Seasonal: Field Day Coordinator] .)
Are there any other Officer or Committee Reports?
Charter Member check-ins: give your callsign, name, city, charter number
and advise if you have any QSTs, Swaps, Wants or Traffic.
Regular Member check-ins: give your callsign, name, city, and advise if
you have any QSTs, Swaps, Wants or Traffic.
     Alpha through Foxtrot       (pause)     (Acknowledge Callsigns)
     Golf through Lima           (pause)     (Acknowledge Callsigns)
     Mike through Romeo          (pause)     (Acknowledge Callsigns)
     Sierra through Zulu         (pause)     (Acknowledge Callsigns)
     Any Additional check-ins    (pause)     (Acknowledge Callsigns)
Guest check-ins: are there any Visitors or Guests who would like to
check in to our net?  Please give your callsign, name, city, and advise
if you have any QSTs, Swaps, Wants or Traffic.
     (Acknowledge Callsigns)     Welcome to our Net !
(Call on those with QSTs, then those with Swaps or Wants, then those
with Traffic.  Suggest brief traffic during the net, extended traffic
should be conducted on simplex or on the club repeaters after the net.
After each person, ask if anyone has any questions.  Handle questions
and then ask again until there are no more questions.)
Is there any other traffic for the net?  (If there is, handle it, then
ask again until there is no answer.)
(If nobody has mentioned the next meeting by this time, remind the Net that
the next mtg will be [the third Wednesday of each month except December]
at 7:30 p.m., at the Campbell Community Center on Winchester Boulevard at
Campbell Avenue.  Enter the parking lot on the Campbell Avenue side near the
tennis courts.  Talk-in is available on the club repeater before the meeting.
(Check with Net Manager regarding next week's Net Control Station.)
This is (callsign) closing the W6PIY Repeater Net (time: optional)
(number of check-ins: optional).

[ end ]

WB6KHP December 91; June 96; October 97; November 97

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Written December 1991. Last updated at 07:40 PST on November 26, 1997.
David W. Schultheis, San Josť, Silicon Valley, Santa Clara County, California, USA