David W. Schultheis

P. O. Box 6592, San Josť, CA 95150


Please note the attached material(s) which you have mailed (or caused to be mailed) to me. This is your official notification that I am not interested in receiving this type of material, and although I appreciate your kindness in trying to keep me informed on such topics, I will appreciate it even more if you will see to it that I am removed from your mailing list immediately.

Just to restate clearly: I AM NOT INTERESTED. Thank you.



This is a copy of the letter I send to companies which send me unsolicited ("junk") mail. If they include a pre-addressed envelope, I use it. If they don't, I put postage on the envelope. I always include the address label with my letter, to help them take me off their list more quickly. Sometimes they are so stunned that they actually do it!
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Created on August 17, 1996. Last updated at 21:45 PDT on August 17, 1996.
David W. Schultheis, San Josť, Silicon Valley, Santa Clara County, California, USA