Date: May 29, 1996
Subject: Manifesto Rebuttal
From: Jeff Peters
To: Dave Schultheis



I know you're not going to like/agree with this Dave, and I agree with this up to a point, but I feel that if I'm going at least 5 M.P.H. faster than the posted maximum speed, I should not have to move to the right to allow some "speed demon" to go on his merry way.

I'm sick and tired of being passed by folks doing 80+ on I-280 between Santa Clara Co. and San Mateo Co.

We just got back from a trip to So. Cal. and I was very content to drive 75 in the posted 70 zones on US-99 and I-40. (70 in the 65 zones on US-58), but there were plenty of bone-heads that just needed to do 85+ in some of those areas.

We even passed by one of those portable orange CalTrans Radar number-boards on US-99, that said my true speed was pretty close to my speedometer reading.


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