Dave's Cross-Country Trip 2002

Day Five

by Dave Schultheis

Tuesday, May 28, 2002 - Wichita Falls, Texas

I was awake at approximately 4 a.m. for a bathroom break, approximately 5 a.m. to the sound of the neighbor running water (through the thin motel wall) and finally got up about 7:10 a.m. Central Time. All in all, I slept pretty well.

I went out and looked at the bike and it was fine, although wet from some overnight rain. The weather was still moist and drippy.

While packing and loading the bike I watched CNN and The Weather Channel. I put on my rain pants, then rode down to the office for a Continental Breakfast and checkout.

After taking a couple of "bike in the rain" photos, I continued south on U.S. 287 for just a short distance and then turned east on U.S. 82 in Henrietta, through Nocona, Muenster and Gainesville TX.

It was no longer raining when I got to Sherman, where I got 93 octane fuel at a Chevron Station. The clerk, named Pat, a woman in her 50s, called me "young man," as I walked in. I was pretty happy about that until an old, bent-over man of about 85 years came into the station. She said, "Hello, Mr. Brown," and then, "How are you doin', young man?"

Just a short distance later, I turned south on U.S. 69 in Bells TX, then another ways to Greenville, near Interstate 30, where I stopped in a Subway Sandwich shop for lunch, a bathroom break, and to remove my lucky green shirt and rain pants, as it was warming up. I called my aunt and said I was not far away.

After another while, including 18 miles of brand new pavement, I came into Lindale TX, where I turned onto a farm-to-market road and found my uncle and aunt's new home.

My uncle was out in front, working on the fence near the road. He told me to go on down the driveway and park in the garage.

It was good to see them again (I had stopped at their place in Santa Fe NM the previous year). We sat in the shade and enjoyed cold drinks while catching up with family news.

Their property is several hundred feet deep, and includes 2 two-car garages, a big kitchen, big family room, huge master bedroom, large guest room, dining room and storage room. Outdoors they have an herb garden, a flower garden and plenty of room for their horses.

I unpacked some of my stuff and put it in the guest room, then took a shower and put on clean clothes. Meanwhile my aunt was making a wonderful dinner. Then we sat down to watch the second part of Founding Brothers on The History Channel, to learn more about the early days of this nation.

I went to bed shortly after 10 p.m. Central Time. I kept the ceiling fan on low speed all night and was very comfortable.

Miles for the day = 239. Miles for the trip = 2220.

Tomorrow: A trip to the feed store, a "U" county picture and a Harley-Davidson visit.

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