Dave's Cross-Country Trip 2003

Day Twenty

by Dave Schultheis

Saturday, June 7, 2003 - Villanueva, New Mexico

I was up at 7:00 a.m., washed and combed, and did a garbage run first thing.

The breakfast crew had set out juices and apples, and prepared biscuits and gravy. It was mmm-mmm good. I'm not sure if it was this meal or not, but by this time, the get-together was more than "Meet In New Mexico," it had become "Eat In New Mexico," thanks to Liz.

Many of the folks spent the day talking with others around the beer tubs, on the WBD, and elsewhere around the property.

Did you remember that WBD is women-built deck?

I got talking with Dale R. from Abilene KS, whom I had first met at MITM 2001, and told him that as a result of my passing through his area (how many days ago - 17?) and seeing all the highway signs, I wanted to return sometime to see the Eisenhower Museum and some of the other attractions there. Dale is even more of a "dog" person than I am, owns and trains dogs, and suggested that I come and visit Abilene some time.

I made a few garbage runs, checking on all the cans, replacing the bags, a toting the garbage to the trailer when necessary.

Some of the "inside" people had set up a puzzle on a table in the living room (remember the "no television" part?) and it was available for working on, when desired. I'm not very good at puzzles, but I spent a short while looking for a needle in a haystack. Paul S. is very good at puzzles, among a lot of other things. Liz would take the occasional break from planning, preparation and cleanup, to work on the puzzle.

I packed a few things into my T-Bag to save time later. I also moved the Road King into a position that would allow me to get out early in the morning without bothering too many people or being blocked in.

Lunchtime came around and we had enchiladas (Liz), chips, fruit cocktail, and deviled eggs (Paul S.), along with various beverages, and uh, what's an elegant name for "leftovers?"

Later in the day, Tim and his son Jeremy (from Lemoore CA) rolled in from San Diego, by way of the southwest. Tim's in the Navy, so they're from lots of places. Jeremy (15) had never been to an IRL gathering, nor had he met many net scum. As all of us are, he was a little surprised when he saw (ahem) some of us, but before long, he was telling his dad what a neat bunch of folks we were.

Dinner was served about 5:15 p.m., including pork, chicken, elk roast, hamburgers, chips, and many other choices. It was excellent!

Liz' friend Joanne drove in and poked her way through the bikers to put her stuff in one of the bedrooms.

Since almost everyone was in the same place at about the same time, it became "picture time." There were pictures taken of the "enumerated" and pictures taken of all the attendees with several different cameras.

Dp and Big Red had to leave, going home to take care of family matters.

Amanda then announced a few awards. The following are the ones I can recall.

Amanda's friend Colleen and her friend Rizzi arrived.

Later, I started to wind down by working on the Alcatraz puzzle in the living room.

I took another "bird bath" and went to bed about 9:30 p.m.

Miles for the day = 0. Miles for the trip = still 5801.

Tomorrow: thanks, goodbyes, and a very hot day of riding.

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