San Jose Emergency Numbers

As with all California Public Safety Answering Points, using "9-1-1" is the proper way to report an emergency. However, if you are (a) calling from out of the area or (b) if you would prefer not to have your address and telephone number known, you may use these numbers.

San Jose Police and Fire Communications changed several of their phone numbers on August 25, 1998 when new equipment was installed.
Streets / Parks / Signals / Sewers / public works-type emergencies:
311 only works from Pacific Bell telephones within the city limits of San Jose. 311 does not work from GTE phones (354, 356, 358, 395) within the city limits of San Jose. 311 is not free from coin/pay phones; you must deposit coins. 311 does not work from cellular phones.

San Jose PD 311 calls are handled by a call-management system. You are given numerous options and you push the correct Touch-ToneTM button. They do not get a display of your telephone number and location when you call 311, so you must know where you are. For more details, see the SJPD 311 page.

If you dial 311 and get a recorded message indicating that your call cannot be completed, you may not be in the City of San Jose. You can either call SJPD non-emergency dispatch at 277-8900 or call the non-emergency number for the city in which the incident you are reporting is occurring.

If you are reporting a non-emergency incident in the unincorporated area of the county or in one of the contract cities (Cupertino, Los Altos Hills or Saratoga), call Sheriff's Office dispatch at County Communications at 299-3233 or 299-2311.

If you don't know or cannot determine what city the incident is occurring in, call Sheriff's Office dispatch at County Communications at 299-3233 or 299-2311. They will make every effort to put you in contact with the proper agency based upon the location of the incident you are reporting.

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