Off-Leash Dog Parks in Santa Clara County

Way back in June of 1996, when this page was first created, there were very few dog parks, and even fewer dog park "pages" on "The Internet."

However, as of November of 2004, there are many dog parks (with more to come), many more dog park pages, and many links from city and county pages to their dog parks.

I believe that this page has served a purpose, but that it must be retired. Here are a few links that you might find useful in locating dog parks in the Santa Clara County area.

City of Campbell - City of Milpitas - City of San Jose - Santa Clara County

And especially:

SouthBayDogParks.org, with detailed descriptions of numerous dog parks.

[If you are looking for a dog park in your community, please use your favorite search engine, or go to your city or county parks department's web page.]

A few interesting links

The page author does not necessarily endorse all of these sites but believes that you may find many of them interesting. Please note that this is a very small selection of web sites; for a more thorough and complete listing, please use a standard search engine.

User Comments

The following are editorial opinions of the page's owner.

Please don't let your dog "dig" in the water dish. This is a good way to spread disease. Too often I see dogs who enjoy putting their dirty feet into the water bowl. Fecal matter can easily get into the water and then into other dogs' intestines. Dog owners should be alert for other (less considerate) dog owners who allow their dogs to do this. You could bring it to their attention and hope for the best, but my experience has been that those who allow this behavior by their dogs don't care. I would suggest simply dumping the bowl and running clean water for your dog, or you can bring your own water supply and containers.
Please don't fill the bowl FULL of water. I've seen people (particularly children, but adults as well) fill the bowl to the top, only to have a dog come along and either spill the whole thing or put a dirty paw into the bowl necessitating its being dumped and refilled. A lot of water is wasted and during busy times, a large puddle develops. Please put just a small amount of water into the dish at first, and add more if the dogs are drinking a lot. This will minimize wasted water, prevent flooding, and help control the spread of disease from dog to dog.
Many of the dog parks and enclosures have a two-gate entry system. Please be very sure that only one gate is open at a time. If people aren't paying close attention and both gates get opened simultaneously, someone's dog may escape and this could be disastrous.
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Created on June 10, 1996. Updated on November 16, 2004.
David W. Schultheis, San Josť, Silicon Valley, Santa Clara County, California, USA