Elko NV Trip June 2003
Day Five

by Dave Schultheis

Monday, June 23, 2003 - Reno, Nevada

I didn't sleep well, nor long enough, and was awake at 4 a.m., again around 5 a.m., and could not get back to sleep. I think the pillow was too big. I got up at 5:25 a.m. and found the "express check-out" form that had been put under the door.

I turned on CNN and caught up with my notes, enjoyed the sunrise at 5:45 a.m., dressed, combed and packed, and went down to Mel's Diner for breakfast at 6:40 a.m.; bagel and juice. I went back up to the room to get my stuff, we all met at the parking garage, and departed at 8:05 a.m.

We fueled at the Chevron Station at 4th and Keystone, where 91 octane gasoline was still $2.059 per gallon, like it was on Friday.

We set out westbound on Interstate 80 in comfortable temperatures and stopped about 95 miles later, near Auburn CA, where some refueled and all of us walked around a little to shake off sore-butt syndrome before continuing.

In Sacramento we turned south on Interstate 5 and rode down to CA Highway 12, near Lodi, where we had lunch at Rocky's Cafe at 11:10 a.m., then refueled at the Union 76 Station next door, where the cost of 91 octane fuel had gone up by 10 cents a gallon.

We slabbed south on I-5, west on I-205, west on I-580 and stopped again for rest and rehydration at the Shell Station on Vasco Road in Livermore, where several also refueled.

From there we rode straight through to San Jose Harley-Davidson, where we arrived at 2:20 p.m., said our goodbyes, and each went our separate ways.

I rode south on Meridian and stopped at the Willow Glen post office, then got home at 2:50 p.m., where, as usual, Barney was very happy to see me!

Miles for the day = 270. Miles for the trip = 1185.

It was another pleasant ride, in good temperatures most of the time, and a good time was had by (almost) all.

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Created on January 11, 2004. Updated on February 5, 2004.
David W. Schultheis, San Josť, Silicon Valley, Santa Clara County, California, USA