Amateur Radio Simplex Frequencies
in the
Santa Clara Valley

This is a list of simplex frequencies that are available for general usage in the Santa Clara Valley of California. As everyone knows, "repeaters are there to be used," but if you wish to conduct short-distance two-way communications using FM (frequency modulation) with other stations (friends, family), switching to simplex is "good amateur practice," allows others to use the repeater, and allows you to talk for as long as you want, without bothering others.

It is also "good amateur practice" to periodically leave long pauses between transmissions, in order to allow other stations to break into the conversation, if they have something to add, or if they have emergency traffic. And don't forget to identify your station every 10 minutes.

While nothing is exactly "private," your message will have less "exposure" on simplex than it will on a repeater. As always, if you don't want anybody to know what you're saying, don't say it on the radio!

51.50          146.415                     147.405 Sunnyvale ARES        223.400  
51.52          146.430 San Jose ARES       147.420                       223.420  
51.54          146.445                     147.435                       223.440  
51.56          146.460                     147.450                       223.460  
51.58          146.475 San Jose ARES       147.465                       223.480  
51.60          146.490                     147.480 Los Gatos ARES        223.500 *
52.00          146.505 Saratoga ARES       147.495                       223.520  
52.02          146.520 * ›                 147.510                                
52.04          146.535 Mtn View ARES       147.525 Milpitas ARES         441.000  
52.50          146.550                     147.540                       441.500  
52.525 *       146.565 Campbell ARES       147.555                       446.000 *
52.54          146.580 D                   147.570 Cupertino ARES        446.500  
53.00          146.595                     147.585                                

* = National Simplex Frequency
› = see The 146.520 Simplex Page
D = digital communications


Nothing in life is guaranteed.

These frequencies generally adhere to band plans set forth by regional and national organizations, but there are often local variations, so if you travel, check locally.

Some of these frequencies are used by local A.R.E.S. (Amateur Radio Emergency Services) and R.A.C.E.S. (Radio Amateur Civil Emergency Services) stations for weekly roll call and training sessions, and occasionally for emergency preparedness drills.

New hams should seriously consider getting involved in your city's A.R.E.S. emergency preparedness activities.

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Created on November 18, 2004. Updated on March 4, 2005.
David W. Schultheis, San Josť, Silicon Valley, Santa Clara County, California, USA