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The Hot Sauces and Hot Peppers Page

The Hot Sauces and Hot Peppers Page is a list of various very hot sauces and hottest peppers sites that I have come across on the Web. If you are new to hot sauces maybe this page can help you get started with chile varieties like annum, baccatum, chinense, frutescens and pubescens.

Some sauces are rated in Scoville Units (SU). The red savina habanero pepper (which is the hottest pepper in the world) is rated at 577,000 SU. In comparison, a jalapeno pepper is about 4,000 SU and a typical habanero pepper is about 200,000 SU.

Individual Hot Sauces

A small selection of sauces that all rate a 10 out of 10 on the heat scale. Of course if a sauce is too hot for you then it's just all pain and no taste.


Reviews and Information

Links and Lists of Hot Sauces

Hot Peppers and Scoville Units

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