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The Search Page

The Search Page is a directory or hot list of 200+ hyperlinks for people who want to search the Internet and World Wide Web (WWW) for something but don't know where to start.

You might want to set The Search Page as your browser home page.

Table of Contents

Searching For Specific Things

The descriptions for the services described below are paraphrased from their own Web pages.


Quite frankly the easiest way to find an e-mail address is to just call the person on the telephone and ask for it. No fiddling around with trying to search the Internet.

Please read the Finding Addresses FAQ before trying these links.


One way to find a business on the Internet is to enter the company name in the form http://www.companyname.com/, this sort of guess has worked for me in the past.

Another way to find a company is to enter http://www.stockname.com/ using the name from the Stock Exchange.

Cool Sites


If you like figures check out Living Stone and SandiCast.





General Information

Government and Legal

Hot Lists

Internet Digests

Internet Help

Internet Mailing Lists

Internet Service Providers



Kids Information





Outer Space



Science Fiction

Shopping Online

Silicon Valley


SPAM Elimination

Usenet News

Virus Protection


Web Development


Search Engines and General Sources

Search for things yourself by using these search engines and other resources.

Search Engines

Here are a few of the biggest and best search engines. According to Search Engine Watch the Web had 800 million pages as of August 1999.

Search Engine Reviews

The following reviews should help you decide which search service is best for your task.

Search Tutorials

The following tutorials should help you learn how to best search on the Web.

Meta Search Engines

A meta-searcher is a front end that passes your query to multiple search engines and then automatically collates and filters all the results.

Search Engine Lists

These sites list lots of search engines and meta-searchers. Use these lists when the search engines listed above are not up to your task.

Other Search Pages

My definition of a search page is a site that provides links to many different types of information. I prefer an organized list with some explanatory text for each entry.

About This Web Page

I wrote The Search Page because I was interested in learning a little bit about HTML. Since I had a bunch of search information on hand for my own use I decided to make The Search Page.

The Search Page is text based for speed. You can't search for something while waiting for the page to load.

Here are some local places that I like to visit.

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