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The Shopping Page

Links for online shopping, comparisons and auctions. Find the best online deals for just about anything and everything.

I like to link to lists or sites that allow you to search across multiple sites like AuctionWatch, mySimon and PriceSCAN. I don't try to keep up with the ever changing "best" site in individual categories, for that you might want to try the reviews section below. Also when friends ask about a subject I often list it here, for example that is where the Automobiles and Cellular Phone sections came from.


Sites that monitor multiple auction sites.

Individual auction sites.

Auctions (you set the price)



Cellular Phone and Long Distance Telephone Plans

Search Robots

Shopping Reviews and Rankings

These are general purpose reviews and rankings or ones that cover many subject areas. Reviews on a single specific subject (like automobiles) can be found in the specific section.




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